Exclusive Residences at Tropical Beach Thailand

BaanThai offers an exceptional selection of spectacular lifestyle properties, including condominium apartments and penthouses, beachfront houses and luxurious villas. And with the resort’s easy access from Bangkok, you will be sure to find the perfect home for either a weekend getaway or an indulgent longer stay. Continue reading “Exclusive Residences at Tropical Beach Thailand”

Investing in Penang property: A complete guide for foreign investors

Penang, located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, started life as part of the Malay Sultanate of Kedah. It came under Siamese control for a period before becoming part of the Straits Settlements under British administration in 1826. So many of its early European settlers succumbed to malaria that Penang earned the title of ‘the White Man’s Grave’. Continue reading “Investing in Penang property: A complete guide for foreign investors”

Buying a property in Bali: A guide for Retirees & Expats

Bali is Indonesia’s premier resort island, boasting all the major five-star hotel brands and spas that are continuously voted among the world’s best. Its coastlines are a surfer’s haven, and it has the culture and additional services to make it an ideal second home market. For this reason, the market is dominated by high-end villas, with many owners opting to rent them out for the greater part of the year. A variety of villa developments are on offer throughout the country, with styles and prices for high-end beach front villas with garden and a swimming pool ranging from US$400,000 to US$2,000,000 plus. Continue reading “Buying a property in Bali: A guide for Retirees & Expats”

Unlimited property in Hanoi for overseas Vietnamese

Overseas Vietnamese who have maintained their Vietnamese citizenship are now permitted to own unlimited property. The Land Registration and Statistics Department under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has reported that 299 foreign expatriates and non-resident Vietnamese have bought houses in Hanoi. Continue reading “Unlimited property in Hanoi for overseas Vietnamese”

Invest in a Bangkok condo and rent it out

Pre-retirement sideline for those with patience. With constantly rising prices becoming a worrying aspect of the economy, people are beginning to search out forms of investment that will deliver returns to beat inflation.

There are various such investments, ranging from stocks and fixed-income instruments through mutual funds, gold and property assets. Continue reading “Invest in a Bangkok condo and rent it out”