We firmly believe that excellent Service is the key to success.

Establishing a long-term relationship and going the extra mile for our clients is our goal.

We are here, to take all the hard work away from you and we are determined, to make purchasing a foreign property a pleasant and profitable experience.

How we define Service:

  • Always putting the need of the customer first!
  • We are acting in the sole interest of our clients.
    We will always do the utmost, to find the best possible deal and reach the most profitable and most satisfying solution for our client!
  • All information from us will always be honest and not misleading. Never ever will we disclose any client-information to other parties!
  • Our service will always be competent and our attention is always personalized.
    From the very first contact you will have a personal agent assigned.
  • We will always go the distance for our clients. Our information will be thorough and if we do not have an immediate answer,
    we will follow up ASAP.
  • Our Response to requests from customers will be quick and efficient.
  • Special needs of our customers will be accommodated.
  • Our customers must be provided with as much information as possible. Updates on issues and situations must be frequently provided.
  • We will always be as flexible as humanly possible.
  • We always will describe the technical and complicated processes in “Layman’s Terms”
  • All our employees have to be familiar with all processes and have to be able to explain them to our customers.
  • We always will try to be intuitive and anticipate the needs of our customers.