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Moving to Luxembourg? Here’s Your Guide to Getting Settled

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg? Here is everything that you need to do and know before you start unpacking your boxes.

Luxembourg’s rental market

Luxembourg’s rental market is a tense one, especially when it comes to flats. That’s why you need to start your flat hunt as early as possible. Even in a pandemic, the demand for flats in Luxembourg is consistently high.

On average, the flat rental prices are highest in the central area, whereas you can cheaper flats in the northern areas. The average asking price for a flat in the northern area is €1,071 per month, whereas the asking price in the center area averages €1,616 per month.

How to find an apartment for rent in Luxembourg?

Most people prefer to go through a rental agency such as Vauban&Fort, whereas others search for a flat for rent on their own. Those that opt to bypass rental agencies usually scout Facebook groups, online forums, and specialized property websites. Furthermore, there are few local newspapers where you can find rental ads.

Lease agreements in Luxembourg

Typically, rental leases in Luxembourg last three years. They can be renewed three months before the contract expires. In case you decide to leave the place before the lease expires, you are obligated to give a three months’ notice.

Before signing the lease, you will be asked to provide the following documents: civil liability insurance document, employment contract or last three payslips, and identity documents (passport, identification card).

Then there is the deposit which covers three months’ worth of rent, for a furnished flat. If the flat is not furnished, the deposit needs to cover an amount equal to two months’ rent.

And yes, housing insurance is on top of that. There is no way around it because it is required by law.

If you have any concerns or doubts, you can always check out This is a government-run website where you can find official pieces of information about the rental market and your rights as a tenant in Luxembourg.

double bedroom Limpersberg

Once the lease is signed

Then you need to choose the gas and electricity supplier, internet supplier, cable tv, water supply from the municipality, etc.

Another must-do step is to secure your residence certificate. If you have an address within Luxembourg City, you need to visit the citizen’s reception center – Guillaume II. To get your residence certificate, you need to bring your passport or another identification document. Later you can use your residence certificate to claim two free days from work.

The best time to go there is either at opening or near closing time. You can avoid the crowd and get your document in the shortest possible time.


In a recent survey, inhabitants of Luxembourg gave 7.5 out of 10 for quality of life in the Grand Duchy. The survey was conducted by the national polling institute. That’s by all standards pretty high.