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Sustainable Green Luxury Apartments?

Green apartments? Come on –ha, ha! Funny NY joke. When I rubbed the genie lamp and wished for ‘luxurious green living in a cosmopolitan atmosphere’, he said, “Dear, maybe you should think of something else!”

But outside of the Disney movie environment, genies actually get it wrong sometimes! Can an elevator in today’s time zone bring me up to a luxury home that embodies green technology? I think I found the answer – it’s a definite yes! Right in Manhattan midtown there is a green home design, using green construction materials, and it wonderfully creates a real time model that should be the norm for all future urban apartments rising up from the ground.

Green Luxury Apartments

I have to admit all this future green idealism was not on the tip of my tongue until one of my close friends picked me up from my Westchester County home to see a luxury New York City apartment she was considering. Called Emerald Green, right off the bat the name connected with my inner jewelry child. Ultimately, it got my attention much more than some charm dangling on a wrist. Green apartment living in a major city – that was new territory to my awareness of the environment. I am so glad I took the drive downtown.

The Emerald Green Apartments is a sustainable green apartment development on West 38th Street walking distance to Penn Station, the NYC subway system, Broadway theaters, the Metropolitan Opera Bryant Park and Madison Square Garden. The neighborhood is a cultural mix of entertainment, cafes, restaurants and world class shopping, and the building itself is an innovative piece of art, a future green environment existing today. As we pulled into the 400 space parking garage, we circled past multiple electric car charging stations. I had never even seen one before! The whole luxurious complexfrom the yoga stretching room overlooking the garden courtyard to the roof terraces with reflective heat technology, is built with a high percentage of recycled-content green construction material from regional sources. Water efficient plumbing, sustainable bamboo wood flooring, VOC-free interior paint, Energy Star appliances, CRI green label certified custom designed Axminster carpeting, green roofs utilizing recaptured water for irrigation, building wide water filtration system, occupancy sensors to keep lights off when not needed in common areas, everything far exceeds the NYS Energy Code. It all got my brain twirling.

Green Luxury Apartments

This amazing display of sustainable green home design – in a NYC apartment no less – is the precursor to what we will see in future green cities. It is what we can envision throughout the world as we look into the near and distant future through our clear proactive lens to find a paradigm shift. It is tomorrow here today. Oh, I almost forgot, everything is maintained and cleaned only with green cleaning supplies. It’s a bleach and ammonia free zone. Remarkable!