lakeside condos toronto
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Why Lakeside Condos has great investment values

Asking about why this project could make a good investment? When it comes to real estate investments people always talk about location, location, location, and so what’s so special about Lake sites, lexicon those location? When people doing the investment in the pre-construction, they always consider about the location – and there’s, a couple factors.

They will make the project in a very good location, for example like the job opportunities. I think for the lakeside address on the east side of this project, that is a cocoa smart city, just the three minute walk, so that will be the first, this market in Toronto, one of kind, and it will generate at least 50,000 new jobs.

Just for that location and right across the street on the south side, the Innovation Center by main case is under construction. That is another office building there, a little bit further away on the north east side of the DVP and lakeshore.

lakeside condos toronto

There will be another new commercial project. Is the harbour by the first Gulf not to say it will create at least another 50,000 jobs there and it’s. Also, a new major transit hub and the new air RT the go station and go bus.

The smile track we’re all like run through the terminal. It will function the same way at the Union Station that right now and speaking of the public of trend state and right now for the lakeside. We already have the best stuff at the door Sherman, and also we have the passive Romney on the clean screen and in the future we will have the new airai t it’s already being approved.

We’ll, run down from the Union Station along the Yonge Street and they will across the east side of the Queen screen, and they will have the stop at a lower sherbert. Then it just will be like one minute away from our project and also for the entire new subway relief line, and it’s already being approved.

So right now the approved stop will be from the Osgood all the way to the Ontario Science Center and they will have the stop at the Sherman Street. That would be like ten minutes away from this. A project yeah and also, I think, like from the lake studies project people, can enjoy the very convenient a lifestyle.

For example, like we’re so close to the 15 or a district, it may be just a eight minutes, walk of maybe like eight to 15 minutes. What depends on how fast you walk and they have a lot of a fine restaurant and a park there, and also we’re so close to the sonorous market and right next to the lower Jarvis.

We have the Loblaws and we have the tea energy supermarket on the Cherry Street yeah. So I think all those factors will make the lakeside is in very prime location.

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